At Planters Ridge, we believe in the concept of vineyard enology, which at its core, is the belief that wine is made in the vineyard. We have selected varietals with a natural affinity to the unique terroir of the Annapolis Valley that allow us to create uncompromising wines with a true sense of place. Our vineyard is planted on the sandy-clay slopes of a ridge overlooking the Union Dyke and the Wellington Dyke, with views of the Minas Basin at high tide. The rich pastoral setting that embodies our unique microclimate, is bordered in the north by the basalt and granite of the North Mountain that rises from the shores of the Bay of Fundy. To the south, we are sheltered from the cooler air of the Atlantic Ocean by the South Mountain and Wolfville Ridge. Our secondary vineyard is on a south facing slope located in Centreville, Nova Scotia. For more detailed information on each variety of wine grape that we produce, click on the grape for a full profile!



Our Basalt Ridge Vineyard is named in honour of the geological history of how North Mountain; a major feature of the Annapolis Valley; influences our ability to grow premium quality wine grapes in Nova Scotia.

The mountain which creates the natural northern border of the Annapolis Valley was created by three separate volcanic lava flows that erupted out of a rift on the surface of the earth between two tectonic plates. These eruptions happened in the Jurassic period of our planets history over 150 million years ago. When glaciers traveled over the area later the structure of the cooled lava prohibited the breaking down of the stone and the results you see out the window of our tasting room is what today we call North Mountain. The soil on top of the basalt is stone free fine textured loamy clay that is over 10 feet deep in most areas of our site. High in minerals and iron this provides an excellent environment for the roots of our vines to travel far down into the ground searching for nutrients and water.

The whole vineyard is south facing and has a steepness that intensifies both heat accumulation and rapid air flow to help with possible frost and cold damage to the vines. Furthermore as the site is tucked just below the wall like top edge of the mountain side Basalt Ridge is shielded from the worst of the northern winds that travel over the Bay of Fundy and spill into the valley at times.

Wines produced from Basalt Ridge carry with them an intensity that can be perceived both in hybrid and vinifera examples and while impressive on their own add much to some of our blended wines.