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Give the Gift of Wine this Season

Gift giving can be a tricky business. A bottle of wine is a classic gift that can be shared and enjoyed with company. A perfect gift for the host of any holiday party or as a special gesture to your wine loving friend. Wine is a great way to share holiday cheer. We strongly believe that great wine starts in the vineyard and our vines are pampered throughout their lifecycle and our grapes are hand-harvested in the fall. In the winery, state-of-the-art equipment and great care is taken to preserve aromatics and create our perfectly balanced and smooth wines. Discover our curated list of six of our wines that make a great gift for a friend, family member, and even yourself.



First on the list is Elevation, a vibrant frizzante blend of L’Acadie, Frontenac Blanc, and Muscat Ottonel. It gets its name from our Basalt Ridge Vineyard, where all of these grapes are grown at a higher elevation on the south side of the North Mountain. It is a crisp, refreshing, easy drinking sparkling wine. Bubbles are the perfect way to start any celebration!


Tidal Bay

Our second recommendation is our multi-award winning Tidal Bay. Tidal Bay is Nova Scotia’s signature appellation wine. The driest Tidal Bay in the region, our blend has aromas of apple blossom, lime, and lemon zest, with golden kiwi notes on the palate that lead to a mouth-watering finish. If you know someone who loves dry white wine, then our unique Tidal Bay is a great option.



Third on our list is a polarizing grape – Riesling. Many people shy away from Riesling because they believe it will be extremely sweet. Our Riesling is an off-dry and refreshing drinking white that fills the air with aromas of crisp red apple, preserved peaches, and soft white blossoms. Riesling is the most versatile white wine for food pairings as it is delicate and refreshing. If you’re shopping for a wine lover, give them a pleasant surprise with this style. 


Heritage Red

Next up is our Heritage Red, a blend of Pinot Meunier, Marquette, and Lucie Kuhlmann. After nine months of barrel aging, it has aromas of leather and tobacco, rich red fruit on the palate and balanced acidity. This velvety blend pairs well with shellfish, pork chops, or a cheese plate with blue cheese, walnuts and dried fruits, and makes a great gift for a host.


Quintessence Red 

Our fifth recommendation is our signature Quintessence Red. While our climate doesn’t allow for full bodied high tannin reds, we’re proud of how full of flavour and smooth this red wine is. Using unique equipment and techniques in the winery, our winemakers are able to extract colour, tannin and flavour while reducing bitterness. This red is aged in French oak barrels for nine months, adding complexity in this fruit forward wine with a silky-smooth finish. Winning the award for “Top Scoring Nova Scotia Red’ at the 2018 NSLC Festival of Wine, this exquisite red is a blend of Lucie Kuhlmann, Castel, and Marquette. It has aromas of dark berries and toasted oak, and on the palette dark fruit that leads to a juicy, mouth-watering finish. As this red pairs well with red meat, black pepper, and stew, it’s perfect to bring along to a holiday dinner.


Sparkling Mead 

Wrapping up our list is our interpretation of the oldest known alcoholic beverage, mead. Our Sparkling Mead is our first effervescent product made from wild clover honey sourced from Brandt’s Bees in Wolfville. This modern take has a round honey fragrance and bright stone fruit on the palate. It’s light and delicate, medium-sweet with delicate bubbles that reduce the perception of sweetness. Best paired with dessert to match the sweetness, this beverage finishes long and smooth. Bring something new and unique to your next dinner party..  


Buy the gift of wine this season 

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