Planters Ridge is housed in a newly renovated 160 year-old heritage timber frame barn that combines historical features with some modern flourishes.  Owners John and Lisa live on the property, in a farmhouse that was originally built by Enoch Woodworth in 1864.  In 2010, John and Lisa purchased the farm from Alan and June Woodworth, who were seventh generation Woodworths to own the property.


The Planters Ridge name was selected to reflect the history of the land on which we are situated.  The farm is part of an original land grant offered to the New England Planter families in 1760, by the Lieutenant Governor after the Acadian Expulsion.  New England Planters were farmers who immigrated from the American New England states to settle the land left vacant by the Acadians.  The Planters were, and are today, an integral part of the fabric of the Annapolis Valley.


Our vineyard is planted on the sandy-clay slopes of a ridge overlooking the Union Dyke and the Wellington Dyke, with views of the Minas Basin at high tide.  The rich pastoral setting, that embodies our unique microclimate, is bordered in the north by the basalt and granite of the North Mountain that rises from the shores of the Bay of Fundy.  To the south, we are sheltered from the cooler air of the Atlantic Ocean by the South Mountain and Wolfville Ridge.  Combined with our belief that wine is made in the vineyard, we take great pride in how we care for the land and the vines, in turn, they produce uncompromising wines with a true sense of place.


The Village of Port Williams was incorporated in 1951, and named in honour of Sir Fenwick Williams.  Williams was a native of Annapolis County, and served as a Nova Scotia Governor between 1866-1867.

Historically, Port Williams played a very large role in international trade and shipping.  In the days of sailing vessels, the port was extensively used for shipping lumber, potatoes and apples to destinations around the world.  Known for some of the highest tides in the world, the Minas Basin sends more water into the Cornwallis River each day, than the river empties into the basin in a year.


At Planters Ridge, our intention is to preserve the rich farming heritage of the property through the cultivation of grapevines.  Our terroir serves as the inspiration for the wines we produce and we welcome connoisseurs and new wine drinkers alike to experience the beauty of the Annapolis Valley from our stunning vantage point in Port Williams.  Nestle into a chair beside the fireplace in our tasting room or embrace a slower pace of life on the patio, as you take in spectacular views with a glass of uncompromising Nova Scotian wine. Our rich history is embedded in our message, our brand and our story.  We invite you to taste the tradition and passion in every bottle.